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Welcome to A-Line’s Blog!

Welcome to A-Line’s Blog!  We have created this site to share a little bit more about us and keep all of our friends and loyal customers up to speed on what is keeping us busy these days.  It’s important for everyone to know how seriously we take our work and why we’re miles ahead of our competitors.

A-Line started 2011 off with a busy schedule and a BIG transformer.  Check out pictures of this 950 MVA that we completed at a nuclear site in about a week.  This sucker had a 654,000 lb core.  These transformers don’t come along every day and are certainly some of the largest ever made.  This particular customer was exceptionally great to work with and worked to make our job and theirs easier in a tough environment.

(Click for larger view)


Transformer staged for removal:


Removal of shell cover exposing the transformer core and coils:


Exposed transformer windings after removal of core steel.  Take note of our exceptional efforts to keep the job site clean and free of safety and environmental hazards.


Bottom transformer tank section ready for final load out: