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What We Do

A-Line E.D.S. provides the environmentally sound decommissioning of transformers and associated electrical equipment, as well as the most comprehensive transformer recycling and removal services available. We are the premier provider of forensic decommissioning to assist with root cause failure analysis. We have vast experience in the safe dismantling and approved recycling of all electrical equipment containing any level of PCBs.
A-Line E.D.S. owns and operates a state of the art PCB Commercial Storage Facility. Our newly constructed facility meets and exceeds all local, state and federal regulations. Our scrap metal recovery oven helps to capitalize on the value of your PCB contaminated electrical transformers and other equipment. It is our goal to provide the best service at the best price, while not jeopardizing the safety and environmental integrity of your company.

Maintenance of Integrity

We protect your assets by providing complete environmental liability insurance, giving you the cradle to grave security you need. We comply with all regulations in disposing of your transformers and associated electrical equipment, while maintaining the integrity of your property.
Our fully trained skilled crews work to provide a safe, efficient service. Our program will eliminate environmental headaches and close the window of potential liability.

History and Background

A-Line E.D.s. was formed in 1997. We are owned and operated by a group of dedicated people with over 100 years of combined service and experience in transformers, dismantling and processing. A-Line E.D.S. works with most of the major power companies and industries in North America as well as manufacturers across the world. A-Line E.D.S. has over a billion pounds of experience and prides ourselves on our impeccable reputation based on repeat customer satisfaction.

Here are a few of our Customers: