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A-Line’s Versatile Transformer Removal Services

The A-Line team has been busy this year with lots of big transformer removal projects across the United States.  This spring we tackled a 600,000 lb McGraw Edison transformer which was retired as this station was upgraded.  The crew completed this project in less than 5 days, leaving the site clear and ready for additional construction.

The tank weld was cut, all accessories were removed and the tank was lifted via crane to expose the core for further dismantling.


Utilizing our specialized equipment, the core steel was safely and quickly removed and loaded out for recycling.

After the transformer core steel was removed the windings were sectioned and lifted from the tank.  Windings are shipped to our facility in Waterloo, Iowa for processing, which includes the removal of the oil-soaked insulation.  All remaining materials, including tanks steel and bushings were then removed from the site.

While large power transformer decommissioning is our specialty, we tackle projects of all shapes and sizes.  This winter A-Line E.D.S. decommissioned a substation that was taken out of service.  This small crew worked for 3 days and through a winter storm to remove a PCB contaminated transformer and all ancillary equipment including the surrounding structure.

Occasionally transformers fail for unknown reasons, requiring a detailed analysis to determine the cause of the failure. A-Line E.D.S. specializes in large power transformer root cause failure analysis and forensic decommissioning. This spring we were summoned to the west coast to perform a detailed forensic on this transformer weighing in at over a half a million pounds.

This large shell-type transformer was stripped of its external components and the top tank section was lifted for initial exposure and examination of the core.  The core steel was safely and efficiently harvested and the windings were then gently removed and placed for a more thorough examination.

A-Line took special care in removing each layer of the windings so that the manufacturer’s representative could examine the failure areas.  Once the transformer failure examination was complete all materials were loaded out and removed from the site.

A-Line takes special care in leaving the site free from any transformer components or debris, eliminating extra hassle for site personnel.  Below is the forensic investigation site after completion.

It’s almost August and the late outage season is coming up quickly.  Often, A-Line E.D.S. is contracted to remove transformers from the pad on which they operated.  This requires detailed project planning and skilled removal methods, but can result in a significant savings for our customers.  This 900,000 lb transformer presented lots of unique challenges, including a tight timeframe for removal during an outage for its replacement.

Once the transformer was stripped of its external components the tank was removed, top yoke dismantled and then windings were carefully removed.

The core steel was then extracted, loaded out and shipped for further recycling.

After the transformer core was dismantled the remaining tank components and radiator banks were cleared and the pad was made ready for additional construction and the placement of the new transformer.

A-Line E.D.S. provides a broad range of unique services and is always working to save our customers time and money.  Call us today to see how we can help with your next transformer removal project.