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Innovations in Transformer Recycling

The A-Line team constantly works to improve the transformer decommissioning process.  Through employee training, equipment upgrades and specialized methods and tooling we are innovators in the unique world of large power transformer recycling.

This first showcased project was nearly a million-pound transformer that required a forensic teardown for a nuclear facility.  The transformer had a premature failure and multiple parties including utility engineering, outside consultants and manufacturer representatives were on site to take a closer look at why this transformer failed.

The crew prepped the transformer lid for removal  to allow for the initial inspection of the transformer core.

After the initial inspection the walls were removed from around the core for viewing of all of the transformer leads.

Once the transformer leads and upper yoke was removed from the transformer core the team utilized our patented bracketing system designed specifically for the careful segregation and removal of large windings in the field.  This removal system has provided an option for our customers to have a “factory style teardown” in the field, avoiding costly relocation.

Once all of the transformer windings are removed and inspected, they are shipped to our recycling facility for processing.  The core steel is then shipped off for recycling as well.

A-Line was able to safely perform this root cause failure analysis of a large GSU in 7 days saving our customer time and money.  A-Line continues to develop tools and methods to support the detailed teardown of transformers, accomodating in-depth forensic analysis.

Along with our specialized forensic tooling A-Line utilizes our patented material handler to remove transformer components safely and efficiently, allowing us to complete the removal of large power transformers from their operating location on the pad in a minimal amount of time.

Our customer asked us to remove this 750,000 lb transformer from its pad during a tight outage timeframe.  After the mineral oil was removed A-Line got to work and was able to remove this transformer in 4 days from the pad.

The crew started with the draining of the residual transformer oil and then proceeded to remove all of the auxiliary equipment including radiators, bushings and tap changer.

Once the transformer was stripped the bottom weld was prepped for removal of the top transformer tank section.

Once the core was exposed A-Line got to work with the removal and load out of the transformer silicon steel.  This electrical steel is extremely heavy, sharp, and tedious to move.  Our specialized equipment eliminates hands on and can mechanically remove and load the steel while maintaining its integrity and value.

After the core steel has been removed A-Line will section out the transformer windings and load out for shipment to our facility where they are put through a robust recycling process to maximize the return value of the material.  The processing equipment located at our facilities is state-of-the-art which helps us to recycle all materials at the best return value to our customers.

Providing a safe and efficient service is our priority but not with disregard for the environmental impact.  A-Line keeps our job sites clean throughout the process and always leaves things in better condition than we found them.  Our team prides themselves on customer satisfaction.

The strides we have made to improve safety, efficiency and value for our projects are something we celebrate at A-Line but we are constantly working to improve in all areas of our business to provide our customers with the best service at the best value.  If we can’t do it, it can’t be done.