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More Power Plant Closures- and fun for the A-Line team too!

As promised, we are here to share a few more pictures from just one of many power plant transformer removal projects we completed last year.

The crew traveled west to remove over 25 transformers and over 5 million pounds of material in just a few weeks.  This removal project involved transformer recycling, oil removal and recycling and PCB disposal.

A-Line was contracted with safety and environmental compliance in mind.  In addition to making sure the project was handled appropriately, there were time constraints in order to meet deadlines for the future development of the property.

Check out these pretty single-phase transformers-

A-Line is meticulous with our planning in order to create a safe, clean, and efficient job site.  We worked on these transformers in tandem.  First cutting and removing the top shells of the transformer tanks.

After the transformer shells were pulled, we carefully removed the transformer core steel.  This can be a dangerous process due to the sharp and heavy material handling.  Thanks to our patented removal process we can do this safely and very efficiently.

One important aspect of power plant demolition is recovering as much value as possible from the assets, while adhering to environmental laws. A-Line is a leader in our industry for the harvesting and recycling of core steel as well as the processing of the copper windings to ensure customers are getting the most value for their assets.

Maintaining the quality of the core steel is critical in recovering the value, which is why it’s imperative to have transformer decommissioning professionals like A-Line complete this work.

Once the core steel has been removed and shipped the windings are pulled and shipped to our facility for further processing which includes the removal of the oil impregnated paper insulation. The shells are then downsized and shipped for recycling as well.

This next picture is for those of you out there that appreciate the robust design and construction of the old Allis Chalmers Transformers. We can’t share all of our photos, so we’ll leave it up to your imagination how these beasts disappeared!

A-Line also had the honor to attack some older single phase Allis Chalmers and in this case un-tanked the transformer cores for breakdown.

Once the transformer cores were dismantled all the materials were shipped for recycling and the area was cleared.  A-Line works diligently to return the site to better than pre-removal condition.

At A-Line we love to talk about transformers, our environmental compliance, our safety standards, our specialized transformer decommissioning equipment and our immaculate processing facilities but our most valued asset is our people.

These long, tough projects warrant a little fun for the guys so next up are a few photos from the skydiving trip they took!

Looks like they enjoyed it….right?!

Ok, parachute open, doing better now….


We love getting customer feedback and often hear that our crews work together like a well-oiled machine.  We believe that our people make us the best at what we do.  We truly have the BEST team around.