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Power Transformer Replacements- Money Saving Solutions

Spring is here! The A-Line team has been busy in 2017 and we’re just ramping up for our first round of several outage projects which involve large transformer removal and replacement.  While it’s been customary to relocate transformers to an open laydown area for recycling we have been working with our customers to create money saving solutions, including tearing down the transformers in place during the allotted outage timeframe.  A-Line’s on-site transformer recycling options have saved our customers hundreds of thousands of dollars in relocation expense and significant savings in safety and environmental risk.

One crew just finished the removal of this 600,000 lb. single phase transformer.  A-Line was contacted to drain and recycle this large Westinghouse transformer from its in service location.

Once on site, the draining of the transformer mineral oil was performed and then the transformer tank was prepped for top section removal.


On Day 2 the crane arrived on site to pull the high voltage bushing and the transformer’s top tank section, exposing the core and coil.  The crew then began removal and palletizing of the transformer core steel.

Utilizing our patented removal system, A-Line is able to remove and load over 200 ton of core steel each day.  Not only does this allow us to cut the transformer removal time in half, it provides a significant safety improvement over traditional methods of hand removal and stacking of this very sharp and heavy material.

All of the core steel was loaded and shipped by the end of Day 3.

On Day 4 the crew loaded out the large transformer windings and shipped them to our facility for further processing.  The tank bottom was then cut and shipped off site for recycling.  The A-Line team removed all remaining materials and debris from the site and headed for home.

As showcased in this blog, A-Line is able to provide a significant savings to our customers by removing transformers from their service location.  From drain to final removal, this project was completed in less than 4 days, leaving the site prepared for the replacement transformer to be installed.  Contact us at 800-760-0222 to discuss your transformer replacement projects or email us the details here.  We’re happy to provide creative service options to save you money!